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 Author: AKINRINADE, SOLA ABIODUN, EDEJI OLUSADE ADEROGBA  Category: Volume 2 Number 1  Download

The study was structured to provide basic knowledge relating to students attitudes and how positive attitude can be developed in student towards the learning of Mathematics. The study was done using descriptive survey. The population consisted of all students in Senior Secondary

School. The sample comprised of 100, SSS Two students drawn from the population through random sampling. Data were collected through the use of questionnaire and Mathematics Performances Test (MPT). MPT was used to check the performance of students in relations to their attitudes toward Mathematics. Analysis of the study were done using diagram to draw statistical instrument which include: mean, score, t-value and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The instruments were used to test the research hypothesis at 0.05 alpha level of significance. The instrument was used to draw conclusion of the study and inferences. Finding indicated that the null hypothesis is rejected that means SIG = 0.000, p > 0.05 at the correlation level of 0.839, and its shows that attitude is significant on the performance of students. The second research hypothesis result showed that SIG = 0.329, p > 0.05 at the correlation level of 0.699 for school type and students attitudes, 0.329 an d0.099 is greater than 0.05 alpha level at significances. The null hypothesis was rejected and this means school types is not significant on the attitude and performances of students. From the research, it was recommended that the use of vares instructional strategies by the teachers, the students should be encouraged to apply the taught knowledge and stale through feedback and assignment.